ENGLISH RIVIERA Lifetime of Memories DESTINATION MARKETING campaign 2015




In 2015 the ERTC invested £50,000 and launched a new online and offline integrated Destination Marketing Campaign called Lifetime of Memories (LOM). 

The key purpose of the LOM campaign was to attract new domestic staying visitors from across a broad demographic with the images ( examples above) showing wider age range and ethnic origin promoting inclusiveness.

The campaign budget was allocated to the main thrust of the LOM campaign which focused on the placement of a new Google Display Network (GDN) campaign managed by RH, with the objective being to raise ER brand awareness and drive potential new visitors to the website.




Please find below some Core ‘impact’ metrics of the lifetime of Memories campaign:


Response (for all action-driving media)
Total Clicks: 32,647
Avg. CPC: £0.74

Video (Facebook, Pre-roll, Engagement)
Total Views: 193, 657
Avg. CPV: £0.13

Reach/Awareness (contribution of all Impression-serving media, but discounting Search as we view these as low value Impressions)
Total Impressions: 3,043,689
Avg. CPM: £4.97

Social Media (inc. Likes, Followers, Comments, Shares, Retweets, etc. generated)
Total Social Engagements: 9177
Avg. CPE: £0.60

Goals (be aware that this does not account for other key website stats such as Time on Site, PageViews, New Visitors, etc).
Brochure Goals during campaign (print and digital): 3503
Campaign Cost per Brochure: £23.04

All Goals during period: 8667
Campaign Cost per Goal: £2.08


Google Analytics statistics

• Website visitors for April-Oct 2015 were up 10% compared to the same period in 2014. This equates to an additional 96,097 visitors, and took the website past 1 million visitors for the period.
• Unique visitors were up 9.18% for the same period.
• There were 52,341 more Pages viewed than 2014.
• Mobile visitors to the site grew by 33.91%, Tablet users grew by 16.65%, and Desktop users fell by 10.35% compared to 2014.


View Lifetime of Memories Campaign Report




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